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Рэспект афтору! Thanks for this, Svetlana. I’m an American man and what certain people would call a “right-wing gay fascist.” By which I mean, I’d describe my politics as “slightly right of center with libertarian influences,” but by the standards of the very left-leaning LGBT media, I’m Mussolini.

Anyway, although “women’s issues” and “gay issues” are different, many of the complaints you raised are sadly familiar to me. The wild abuse of statistics, for example. A study once found that about 1 out of 3 LGBT teens answered “Yes” to the question “Have you sometimes had thoughts about suicide?” In no time at all, this was turned into “1/3 of LGBT teens have seriously considered committing suicide,” and further misquoted as “1/3 of LGBT teens actually make a suicide attempt” or even “1/3 of LGBT teens kill themselves, it’s a proven fact!!!”

Also, the stuck-in-a-time-warp mentality which assumes that outside of enlightened progressive circles, most of American society remains somewhere between the Salem witch-hunts and the Jim Crow era, despite the tremendous civil-rights advances during the 20th century. Somewhat related to this is the notion that “disenfranchised” no longer means “being denied the right to vote”; it means “not being on the winning side of the vote.” Similarly, “hate” now means “vague disapproval”; and “violence” includes spoken insults.

Finally, of course, the endless sloganeering about “Equality! Equality! Equality!” (As you may know, one of the most prominent LGBT organizations in the U.S. is the Human Rights Campaign, famous for its car bumperstickers with an Equal Sign, or, on a field azure.) And anything that blasphemes against the sacred word “Equality” is necessarily proof of backwardness, hate, and persecution, no matter how small the alleged disparity is.

In short, the “cultural Marxism” symptoms are very similar, with only some changes in the details. Though as an alternative to “cultural Marxism,” I would point out that some of these people speak in tones very much like Evangelical preachers. I think of it as “theocratic fundamentalism, minus the literal theos part.”