When memes go wrong
Autumn Turpin

Because of the way the RompHim is designed, you apparently need to unbutton the entire upper part and shove the whole thing down to your ankles if you need to take a dump. Many women have pointed out the “romper” concept is impractical for anyone who’s not in diapers — going to the toilet is greatly simplified if the below-the-waist part of the garment is separable from the above-the-waist part. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with making a joke out of “feminizing men.”

P.S. RompHims do have a fly in front, so wearing one doesn’t make a guy a “sitzpinkler” — he can still use a urinal. It just makes him a guy who needs to shove the entire garment down to his ankles — as noted above — when it’s time to drop the kids off at the pool. Why would anyone consider that an intelligent step forward in clothing-design?

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