My school would have expelled me for being bisexual
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We pored over Sodom and Gomorrah and memorized verses from Leviticus.
In the hallways, boys grew fond of the words “homo” and “fag.”

Correlation, as they say, does not equal causation.

I attended a secular public high school in the late ’80s, and if memory serves, the boys in general were fond of the words “homo” and “fag,” even though there were no mandatory Bible classes. (“We gay men need to realize that we’ll never be rid of the word ‘faggot,’ because it’s too much fun to say.” — Big Gay Al, from South Park, correct as always.)

As a teenage boy who was deeply intrigued by the possibility of an oral three-way with Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck — sometimes I was intrigued by this possibility more than once a day, resulting in a huge accumulation of Kleenexes under my bed — I naturally stewed at hearing all the “homo” and “fag” comments. But I got over it.

P.S. I mean, I got over the “fag” comments, not the part about Indiana Jones and Magnum P.I.

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