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I gather Brendon is under the impression that telling a girl with gender-identity issues: “You’re not a transboy; you’re a girl who’s masculine in some ways AND THAT’S TOTALLY FINE” is the same thing as sending a 13-year-old kid to an ex-gay reparative therapy program after they come out as gay or lesbian.

The legal trend in the US is to ban “ex-gay therapy” for persons under 18 — bear in mind that such programs nowadays are a mix of prayer sessions and rewarmed Freudian psychobabble. In other words, they’re “talk therapy,” and the days of using electroshock or nausea-inducing drugs are long past, so the the ex-gay efforts, even if unscientific, are not physically invasive.

But some folks who would prefer to see state-level bans on “de-gaying” minors extended to the national level are nonetheless supportive of puberty blockers and hormone injections for minors.

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