The Hidden History of Glory Holes
C. Brian Smith

Interesting article, but:

(A) Google on “Laud Humphreys” — who in 1970 became the first person in the history of American academia to write a PhD dissertation about gay sex in public restrooms. (Some of his methodology has been criticized, but Humphreys was undoubtedly correct in noting that the habitues of “tearooms” included straight men who didn’t want to pay a female prostitute for a BJ; and heterosexually married men who knew they were basically gay but had no other opportunities for male/male contact; and openly gay men who had opportunities elsewhere, but found a voyeuristic thrill in toilet-sex.)

(B) Check out John Waters’ 1977 Desperate Living — notable because Divine had a scheduling conflict and does not appear in the film. One scene features a “lesbian glory-hole” in a women’s restroom — two large round cut-outs at breast level, plus a triangular cut-out at waist level. Suffice to say there’s no evidence that such a thing has ever existed in real life!

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