‘Culture Writer’ Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a ‘Butch Queen’ in Act of Unprofessionalism

Ira Madison III was actually quoting a line from Paris Is Burning, the 1990 documentary about Black and Hispanic drag queens in NYC. While most people have never seen the movie, it came out at approximately the same time as Madonna’s “Vogue,” which was inspired by the very same drag queens, and absolutely everyone who was watching MTV then can remember trying to do the complicated hand-movements of “vogue-ing.”

Here’s a YouTube clip featuring the exact phrase used by Ira Madison III, whom I will henceforth call “IM-3”:

Anyway, this context doesn’t make the jab at Sarah Huckabee Sanders any less inappropriate, but it does put a different spin on things — it kinda suggests to me that IM-3 prefers corndogs to tacos, if you get my meaning. I mean, when I was at UVa in the early ’90s, I knew some hipster straight-dudes who were familiar with Paris Is Burning and had even watched when it screened on campus, because it went along with being a hipster. But how many straight guys TODAY would quote a line from a 27-year-old movie about gay drag queens?

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