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Jay Parker wrote:

I really think it is biologic and nature’s way of controlling the population.
If this theory is correct (and it will not be proven until I am pushing up daisies) there will be many more homosexuals born in the future.
I want to write a movie script for the year 2121 where 90% of those born are gay.

No. Possibly you could argue that homosexuality is God’s subtle way of controlling the population, but “nature,” if you mean Evolutionary Selection that isn’t guided by God, will always prefer the “Make More Babies!!!” principle.

On average, a homosexual brother is statistically likely to produce much fewer children than his heterosexual brother, even though both brothers have equally fertile sperm and are physically able to make a woman pregnant. In the long run, the heterosexual brother’s genes will always win, mathematically.

Many biologists argue that if homosexuality were truly caused by a “recessive gay gene”, the well-established math of Natural Selection predicts that maybe 1 in 500 people (or even fewer) would turn out gay. Instead, studies in various countries suggest the actual number is much closer to 1 in 50 (2–3% is a common estimate). In other words, the percentage of gays is at least ten times TOO HIGH to be accounted for by genes alone. On the other hand, this doesn’t rule out the possibility that gayness results from non-genetic biological factors, such as abnormal hormone levels in the womb.

But I would suggest that if there is indeed a God, then perhaps He invented homosexuality not to control the population, but to help heterosexual men and heterosexual women understand each other better — since homosexuals do not compete in the whole “Mars & Venus, Yang & Yin” hetero mating-game that is the cause of so much tension. (A straight male humorist once advised, “Guys, if your wife or girlfriend doesn’t have a Gay Best Friend, find her one. A Gay Best Friend for the woman in your life will spare you hours and hours of walking through a mall while she window-shops for cute shoes and scented candles. And a woman accompanied by a man — ANY man — is less likely to be targeted by criminals, not to mention horny single dudes.”)