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Anyway, I wanted to recommend Googling for “The Crooked Man” by Charles Beaumont — a dystopian sci-fi short story that first appeared in Playboy in the mid-1950s. It describes a future society where heterosexual relationships have been banned as a population-control measure — babies gestate in machine-wombs after planned and regulated conceptions in vitro, and they never meet their biological parents. To discourage unlicensed procreation, the government uses a mix of drugs, hormones, and intense psychological conditioning to make everyone gay, but it’s only 95% effective, so a small and persecuted minority (including the title character) grow up with heterosexual instincts.

Apparently some Playboy readers were very annoyed by the story (“I buy the magazine for the titty photos, not to read about fags!”), while others appreciated it as a pro-libertarian, anti-state parable on Victimless Sex Crimes. And the author went on to an acclaimed career as one of the most prolific screenwriters for The Twilight Zone.

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