That’s a really good point — I think we can unpack at least some of the options available.
Jere Krischel

There’s an intersex condition known as “5-alpha-reductase deficiency” (5-ARD for short), in which genetically male fetuses fail to develop male-type genitals in the womb, and look female at birth. But when they hit puberty, their “clitoris” may suddenly grow to penis-like proportions, and their undescended testicles may start to produce make their presence known by stimulating the growth of un-feminine facial and body hair. It would be perfectly understandable to me if some 5-ARD males, having been raised as girls since birth, might want “trans” surgery in preference to socially readjusting as women.

But, as with AIS, this is a rare circumstance, and accommodating such individuals should not necessarily mean accommodating ALL “trans-identified” people.

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