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It is an imaginary bogeyman

Well-documented statistics show that an alarming 10 out of 10 Americans…

… have had their legs bitten off at the knee by a Great White Shark; or once got a very painful nip on the thumb from the neighbor’s goddamn chihuahua and it even bled a little and they had to get a tetanus shot; or have suffered from really itchy mosquito bites; or have been uncomfortably scraped by a partner’s teeth during a particularly high-spirited session of oral sex.

When will folks get over their denial and finally acknowledge the pandemic Biting-People-In-Half Culture and 200-Rows-Of-Serrated-Teeth Privilege that exists among sharks — particularly large, able-bodied white ones who have an interest in perpetuating “toxic denticity”?

#MeHaveJawsNightmaresToo #BiteWoke #FightTheSharkiarchy

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