Hello World :) Throne of lies’ developer here!

Hi, everyone, my name is Dylan, founder and developer of Imperium42 Game Studio, creating our new flagship title,Throne of Lies: The Online Game of lies and Deceit, as seen in the 2016 GDC (Game Developer Conference) in San Francisco and Unite Europe, presented by Unity as they showed off their new features.

I thought it’d be neat to share my thought processes behind making the game and, as we develop, hear your thoughts about our direction!

Those those that know what our game is about, we hope to bring a unique experience to your keyboard (PC/Mac/Linux, for now — VR support will depend on our Kickstarter in September)!

So, the big question is, how are we different? What sets us apart?Well, quite a lot, actually:

I want to go over these a little at a time each post, for now here is a list of how we are different and I’ll go into detail about each list item each week:

  • Unity3D engine (3D DX11 x64)
  • Treason accusation/voting system
  • King system, where he can be either good or corrupt
    (Women can be the king! ..with a mustache requirement)
  • Executions will be conducted by the player’s accuser
  • Skins are boring: We like individual item/weapon slots
    (Although we will also have skin sets)
  • Weapons are tied to execution abilities
    (My personal favorite)
  • Multiple races of characters (No elves- don’t worry *wink*)
  • Spells and graphical abilities: REAL particles that you see!
  • Blood. Yes, of course there’s blood! Rated T for Teen ;)
  • Your own room at night — customized PER role! We have so many
  • Death is not boring!
  • Global abilities
  • Unlockables
  • Numerous class (role) varieties
  • …and more (of course)!

So many things I’d like to talk about! ..But I have a game to dev ;) so let’s talk about a new subject each week and I’ll tell you my experiences, from a developer’s point of view, as we experience this together. Not necessarily in the order listed above, or maybe even something completely new!