Photo by Natalie Fox

I trusted you with a treasure chest of secrets
I trusted you to keep them hidden
X marks the spot where you took your shovel
And shoved into my back and dug and dug and dug

You Dig Dug Atari arcade game played with my heart
I celebrated us but you barely played the part
I confided in you, my replies to you included truths
Perspectives selected for only you to know

And you shared them with a world of crowds
A hurricane of social media storm clouds
Traumatized my soul; but now I’ve decided to let go
I loved you, everything that was mine was yours

But as times goes, I will replenish my treasure chest
All the emotional assets I gave to you- I will never forget
But I’ve decided to forgive, I’ve decided to live
I’ve decided to take back the treasure that I am

The prompt for this poem was “Love & Forgiveness”. It was recommended to me by @glittergirly500 on Twitter. If you have any prompt ideas that you’d like to share with me, feel free to send me message @thrsdaynight on Twitter!