Why do people say that Product Mindset is needed for any member of your dev team?

I’m wondering that question when I review the article “Why Product Mindset is needed for Project-based environment?” of Pop Trinh.

“With a solution-oriented ethic, he would always find a way out and the process if any existing, would only facilitate him most towards a resolution.”

and another sentence in a Product Mindset Course I saw on FaceBook ads:

“product mindset is the essential skill needed by any member of a dev team”

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I can not agree with that

Because I truly believe that engineers should not change anything from the project guideline or the customer’s requirement even they have a better solution. The only thing they can do is that he have to tell to the project manager.

I agree that every one should think more about the user interface, user experience, how does the performance and so on. But if everyone also think about that too much and do nothing excellent, or maybe all of team member spent much time to think in the same case, with the same solution or the other same things, so it’s not good, cause’ it is a waste of time.

Why don’t we just educate and develop them, keep them in their zone, let they do what they are good at and let the project manager take care of the rest. Of course it depends on knowledge and performance of the person that we are working with, but if we say that ‘every one in a dev team need have product mindset’, so it’s not true.

For me, it’s wrong, impossible.

Just like you have a team of 5 and they look absolutely like your five fingers of your hand. If you want your 5 fingers working normally like every 5-fingers-hand in the world, find a point of convergence. If you say that you want your hand do better than the best hand in the world, let’s find another and be better together or drag your fingers longer and longer out until it’s cut. #eww

Because your 5 fingers can not be the same long, absolutely.

Okay. It depends on the case.

Every one should have a strong product mindset when they are in a super fcuking tiny super small startup. That’s fine.

So, Responsibilities of product mindset thinking is inversely proportional to the size of the company

I’m a Marketer. Just very exciting with this topic but did not have many serious research about product mindset yet. That makes sense for me.

What do you think?

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In this article again, I agree with anh Phuoc Trinh that:

‘’Bottom line, it doesn’t matter which environment that you are working on but that is the mindset inside you that makes you standing out from the rest and having a passionate career forward.”