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On March 7, 2019, Microsoft released a fresh version of Skype for Web (source). The new Skype features many gems such as HD video calling, call recording and finding messages within conversations. The caveat? It only works for Chrome and Edge.

What does it mean for automation testers, and software testers in general?

Automated web testing prevails

This is no new observation. Ever since Satya Nadella’s reorganization announcement on 29-Mar 2018, Windows is no longer an independent division. Windows division was split into the core engineering group placed under Azure, and the rest of the group working under Office 365. …

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This post is frequently updated. Last updated: 7 Mar, 2019

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Automation testing for web apps is in huge demand. The global test automation market is expected to reach USD 54.98 billion by 2022 according to Zion Market Research (source). And no other tools have outshone Selenium in terms of fame and adoption so far. But, that’s about to change.

Selenium has its own drawbacks. It might not be the best tool for you in your current situation. If you’re looking for alternatives to Selenium, I’ve curated a list of strong contenders below. …

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Just like other vibrant industries, software testing is changing every day. As a tester, what should you learn to stay on top of your game? Below are some trends you might want to take a look at in 2018. Sharpen the saw!

  • Blockchain app testing: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’d probably have heard of buzzwords like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain. Blockchain is taking the world by storm. More and more investments are made on developing Blockchain-based applications, translated: more testing needed.
    Tip: “Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies” of Andreas Antonopoulos is a very good start. This book provides basic understanding about Bitcoin and Blockchain through very good examples. …

What daily practices can one apply to improve his/her intelligence over time? These obvious answers might pop up in your mind right way: read more books, hang out with smart people, do more physical exercises, eat healthy food, etc. However, I’d like to bring to the table some unpopular daily practices from which I personally reap the most benefits.

1. Stop and think

The best of us are often in React mode (fight-or-flight) or Auto-pilot mode without even noticing. It’s not because homo sapiens are intrinsically defective. On the contrary, it’s a feature helping us automate mundane tasks so that our minds are free to focus on more important problems, such as calculating alternative future outcomes of a certain action (some scientists call our species homo prospectus instead). …

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Have you ever doubted your own brain? How do you know if the man or woman sitting across the table is smart on your first date?

Smart is an important factor to judge and trust someone. There must be ways to tell if a person is smart or not. From my experience, there are certain signs that you’re smart than average.

1. Observant

Smart people pay attention to details that others don’t. That results from intense concentration and alertness. Think of Sherlock Holmes! This skill is highly demanded in high-functioning organizations, such as West Point or the CIA.
A tip: practice mindfulness.

2. Multidisciplinary Synthesis

If your thinking process involves linking different ideas from different disciplines, you’re smart. It’s valuable because most of today’s problems are solved by applying not only one branch of knowledge. …

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Do you ever feel guilty playing video games? Does it feel like wasting your valuable time and you can be doing more productive things? What do you do when that happens?

Been there, done that. Back then I didn’t know. But later on I figured that the guilt came from 3 factors:

  1. Misusing video games as an escape from reality. While other aspects of life are not being adequately invested in and we’re feeling like we’re failing, we can’t forgive ourselves for wasting time — the most valuable resource — on silly video games.
    A little background: the influential idea of constantly staying productive has its roots in all the way back to Benjamin Franklin’s Industry virtue (learn about his 13 virtues here). There’s nothing wrong with that. …

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Let’s be honest. Lawyers shows are the best!

I always admire lawyers for their ability to detect loopholes in an argument then counter attack in a snap. My all-time favorite TV series Better Call Saul depicts this astonishing skill brilliantly in S02-E06 — Bali Ha’i…

[SPOILER ALERT] At 12:50, Kim Wexler passionately protects her elder clients from being bullied by their own nursing home — the rich and evil Sandpiper Crossing. Sandpiper (defendant) wants all medical records of the elders who sued them for overpriced medications. …


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