How? How do you do it?

How does one maintain a positive work-life balance? I have pondered over this question since the first week of boot camp.
Have you ever felt like you were burning bridges as fast as you close them? That was how I felt the first week.

Waking up at in the morning and working remotely the entire day always left me exhausted to hold a conversation in the evening. At one point I felt like I had to make a choice between work or life(meaning relationships). Andela, in general, is challenging and always keeps you on your toes. Yes, you own your own learning but at the same time, you own your own life. I have managed to cope with most of the challenging aspects of Andela, but this is still keeping me up at night.

My week one facilitator, Martin, gave me his take when I asked him this question. He told me that let weekdays be about work and the weekend about your life. It is a great idea, and I agree with him to some extent. But, isn’t life about the memories we make, the moments we share and much more? In my opinion, these moments and memories will not take a break during work days. They will happen throughout, every single day, every single second of our life. I will not tell you that I have found a balance, God knows I am trying.

As much as we try to achieve this balance, we will always have a choice to make. The perfect balance is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve. I have found out that most people tend to prioritize one aspect over the other. I, for instance, am still chasing the “fairly tale” called perfect work-life balance. If I make it there, well andgood. If I do not, I will keep trying.

And the journey continues…