For nine years, Thumbtack has conducted an annual Small Business Friendliness Survey. The survey gives small business owners who use Thumbtack the opportunity to grade their state and local governments on how friendly they are to business, measuring things like regulations, taxes, and training and education opportunities.

But 2020 is different.

This year has been a roller coaster as small businesses across the country faced economic uncertainty and the challenges of operating during a global pandemic. So for 2020, we decided to focus on how small businesses are weathering the storm and how they perceive local, state, and federal governments are responding to the pandemic. …

At Thumbtack we believe that everyone has a role in making sure we build a more equitable economy. One way to ensure that we are empowering workers: ending non-compete agreements.

Read our CEO Marco Zappacosta’s op-ed in CNN about what non-compete agreements are, who is impacted by them, and why we need to get rid of them.

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By Dusti Ondryas

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There’s not a single person who hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic — we’ve all had to adjust the way we go about our lives and our work.

Local businesses — including service professionals — have felt the brunt of COVID-19 and are facing unprecedented challenges to keep their businesses running. Earlier this year, we surveyed close to 700 home-focused professionals to hear about their experiences and how they are adapting.

What pros are doing to keep their businesses going.
While some pros have been able to keep working throughout, others are starting back up and are making adjustments to maintain their businesses. …



We’re a marketplace that helps local service professionals and customers find each other.

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