Explosion Of Flavor

Do you have friends who have a tendency to embellish the tastes of food? I know there are supertasters. I’m not one of them and doubt my friends are either. The other day a friend elaborated the culinary journey a chef took to turn turkey club sandwich into an “explosion of flavor”. I bought one and it tasted “good”, nothing better.

I am extremely fond of a particular brand of black cherry jam. I began to imagine how I might embellish the flavor and describe it to my friends…

Harvest Time

In a little alpine village in southern Germany, a small child runs inside and wakes his parents with the cry of, “It’s time to pick the cherries for the American jam!!”

Soon all the villagers in peasant garb come tumbling out of their homes and into the cobblestone streets carrying their wooden buckets towards the cherry groves.

The low cherries are picked first as the villagers sing one of the many traditional cherry picking songs. Then the children are thrown high into the trees to pick the topmost fruit. Some fall and the “Crack!” of their tiny bones hitting the ground is masked by the Oompahs of the music. The village doctor rushes in and attaches their wooden buckets to crutches so they can still participate in the harvest. It is a joyful time!

That is why there is an “explosion of flavor” in every bite of this extraordinary jam.

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