My mind off meth.

Wait,hold up dude!what was your mind like on meth??

Oh yes,

the question.

Well, speed comes to mind quite literally..

First a crushed up line(roughly quarter Gram) that i so eagerly snort up my greasy lightly sweat beaded nose.

The rush and piercing burn in the center of my equilibrium sends tears flooding down my cheeks, and soon after,meth flavored snot quickly overflows the upper lip region and intrusively opens my palette to the end product,which is ultimately ephedrine missing oxygen.Mmm tasty!

So give or take four minutes and the excruciating burning sensation in the brain, and the bitter sour taste of bathroom grade crystal meth would be tolerable enough for me to proceed exiting the chosen drug use locale to pretend to actually not be some creep who just literally busted a rail on the said rooms public use counter.

I’d usually give the area i was about to crush and snort my smack on,a one over with a wet wad of toilet tissue or toilet seat cover (for sanitary concerns)if no toiletries were able to be located i would remove my t-shirt off my back and harshly rub the said area thoroughly!

All this nonsense seems ridiculous to the unsophisticated junkie but let me say this to you!

I take my use serious and although i can’t breathe due to laughter at my own inadequacy as a man, i would vow to make it to every one i knows bathroom at some point in time to enjoy their restroom with my average at best amphetamines.

I just wanted to share this little snippet of seemingly ridiculous behavior for none other than the attempt at using writing as a healing process.

Thanks for your help or time or whatever it is..thank you.