A Wine Lovers Gift Guide

As 2018 comes to an end I thought I’d put together a list of gift ideas for the wine lovers in your life. This list is specifically for my Okanagan vino lovers, but could provide inspiration for people from all over. Enjoy!

Ridel Oregon Pinot Noir Glasses — $78 for 2 on Amazon

It’s no secret I’m a complete wine snob, but it’s probably less known that I’m also a wine glass snob. The more delicate, the better. Ridel’s are by far the best wine glasses I have ever sipped from. Want to know the most amazing thing about these particular glasses? They can hold an entire bottle of wine. Rejoice with me.

Meyer Family Wine Cub — $ varies depending on selected package.

I can vouch that the Meyer Family produces some of the most divine wine in the Okanagan Valley. In fact, this is the only wine club I belong to and is superior, in my opinion, to most wine clubs. You’ll get 4 bottles 3 times a year and you can semi-customize which varietals you receive among other benefits. Join me, people.

Sandhill Wine Club — $55 per month

Sandhill produces some of the best wines I have tasted in the valley, specifically their Syrah. Oh my god, the Syrah. Their wine club is incredibly intriguing. They ship you 2 bottles per month all year round — totally consumable and reasonable. Take your pick of their two club options, but I highly suggest the Reds Only Club.

Palmaz Vineyards Private Tour and Tasting — $100 per person

Save up and go to Napa. While you are there go on a private tour and tasting at Palmaz Vineyards. This is actually the most incredible winery experience and wine I have EVER had. Seriously, words can’t even begin to describe the facility, the wine, and the nibbles. If you go, please take me with you and leave me there.

Cb2’s Cellar Wine Rack — $75

I have been searching for a modular wine rack to lay my collection in for ages — one that is as stylish as it is functional. Cb2 nailed it with this 12-bottle, stackable rack. I love that as my collection grows I can simply order another cube without having to purchase an entirely new rack. Well, I don’t have any yet, but this baby is definitely on my wish-list this Christmas.

WineHive — $195

A little more pricey and modern than the Cb2 rack, the WineHive is just as stunning and buildable. One aluminum rack will hold 12 bottles laying flat (as they should always be stored) and will expand with your collection. The hive can rest on the floor, a counter, or can be mounted on the wall. They also offer 3 and 6 bottle racks for smaller collections.

25 oz S’well Bottle — $45

Um, why is there a water bottle on a wine lovers gift list? Because the 25oz bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine and maintain its chill, that’s why! Imagine… it’s a hot day and you decide to go to the beach. You want to bring a frosty bottle of vino to relax with, but don’t want to be bothered with ice, a cooler, and judgey non-drinkers. Get a S’well. Problem solved.

Experience Wine Tours, Platinum Experience — Custom pricing

This is another item high on my wish-list. Experience Wine Tours (the best wine tour company in the Okanagan, just saying) recently released their Platinum Experience tour — a custom built tour based on your specific preferences and designed to wow even the most seasoned vino lovers. So, if you are looking to spoil and impress, this is the gift to give.

Dinner at Waterfront Wines — $50–$100 per head

Just started drooling thinking about the Flatiron steak. Anyway, Waterfront Wines is my hands-down favourite place to eat in Kelowna. The food menu is seasonal, fresh, creative, and out-of-this-world delectable. Pair it with their extensive list of worldly vinos and you’re in for a major treat. Spoil someone with the only kind of gift card they will actually enjoy.

Truetap Corkscrew — $5.50

Know what every wine lover needs in their stocking this year? A quality and reliable corkscrew. In fact, I’d argue that multiple are required for the truest of wine lovers — one for the kitchen, one for the purse, and one for backup when the other two inevitably go missing. Pro tip — don’t forget to remove it from your purse when going through airport security.

Oster Electric Wine Opener — $30

When all of the corkscrews do go missing you better hope your wine-lover has a way to open their bottle. This electric wine opener is the best-rated electric opener on the market. It is a super reasonable price and looks super fancy to boot! Apparently it can open 30 bottles in a single charge. Who wants to put it to the challenge with me?

The Wine Bible — $29

The holy grail of wine — The Wine Bible is the one-stop-shop to everything vino. If your wine-lover is looking to learn anything about the beverage they so adore, this is the gift for them. The best way to absorb the knowledge in the book? While sipping on a glass of wine and nibbling on aged cheeses - I know this from experience.

The World Atlas of Wine — $55

Similar to the Wine Bible, but with colourful pictures, maps, and glossy pages, the World Atlas of Wine is a coffee table staple for all wine-lovers. Again, this book is best enjoyed whilst indulging in fine wine and cheese — pass it on.

Mission Hill’s Culinary Classics Program — $100 per head

Know what’s a blast? Cooking classes. Know what makes them even more fun? Wine. Mission Hill’s Culinary Classics Program is the perfect combo of cooking and drinking, making the ideal gift for the wine-lover who loves to cook (or who doesn’t know how to cook). This experience is high on my list — specifically the Classical Mediterranean class in January. Hint, hint, Aidan ;).

I didn’t include any actual wine on the list, which would obviously make any wine lover giddy. So, if you want recommendations just comment here or shoot me a message and I will provide personalized recommendations.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays! :)




Adventurer, wine lover, and community manager.

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Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth Cook

Adventurer, wine lover, and community manager.

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