• Parviz Deyhim

    Parviz Deyhim

    Data lover and cloud architect. ex-aws, ex-databricks, and now a Googler

  • Fabio Mincone

    Fabio Mincone

  • Daniel Pichel

    Daniel Pichel

    product manager, entrepreneur, web enthusiast, creative brain, unconventional thinker, soul of bits & bytes

  • Maria Molfino

    Maria Molfino

    Women’s leadership coach working with creative professionals and managers. Stoking the fire of Women in Design @ Designer Fund. Masters in Design from Stanford.

  • Taylor Norrish

    Taylor Norrish

  • Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Glenda Bautista-Baker

    Born & raised NY-er. Product leader — 2 coasts, 3 dot-com bubbles, specializing in plate spinning & beat juggling. Lover, fighter, ambiverted creative thinker.

  • Susan Borton

    Susan Borton

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