Hi peeps, I think it’s perfect if I had any journaling activity and post it online. And I don’t really like to join blogger or some other platform with too many customization. Medium is perfect for me.

I am undergraduate business management student, and I had a non productive life I had to change it! Recently I join a self improvement training from Ace Human Resource with friends in Surabaya Youth. From that training, I convinced that self development is a number one priority. Like is totally urgent to add some value to yourself. And the way to grow our self is by;

  • Know yourself.
  • Identify area to grow.
  • Build the environment
  • Find a mentor and read books daily

With some tools called Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or 16 personalities, you will know what kind of personality are you. I just had test again on website 16personalities.com and I turn out to be an INTP-A; stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, prospecting, and assertive. We also have to know in what intelligence we’re good at. It’s called multiple intelligence, and there’s a lot website with some test for it. And my best three intelligence is intrapersonal, linguistic, and naturalist. From that we can explore what strengths and weaknesses we had and develop it for a better self.

For area to grow, I decide to take some area from my study. Just because I don’t want to take lectures in vain. And I decide that I will learn about forex trading and getting good at it. It’s interests me that some virtual trading can make some profit by understanding the market and the aspect of macro economics. But I have a very poor knowledge about that so I have to learn a lot.

I have a list about what can I do to improve my knowledge, it’s consist of taking finance consentration at the institute; join some training about stock market; start online trading; getting work experience from securities bank; read a lot of books and so on. It’s like a plan to me and what I have to achieve in order to getting good and that.

Build a good environment is not that simple. You know, I got some lazy group that bind me non productive, and it’s getting sick that I had to remain stick with them. I have some visionnaire friends that I prefer, but I also too trashy for walking among them. I really think that friends can reflect who we are. But I’m afraid that I don’t have any friend, because I’m like friend to all. And I really don’t have interest for some kind of romantic relationship. I think that weakened people, see? I’m such an heartless I don’t know. But I believe that I have to just focus on myself. And everything will follow.

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