I read through a decades old paper criticizing a few unhelpful feature of the AI field and its researchers. Reaction and thoughts are kept here as a record.

A Good Dressing Down

PDF: Artificial Intelligence Meets Natural Stupidity — 1981

As a student, I am still very much outside the AI field and out of contact with its vanguards. The overall theme of the communications I am exposed to is one of confidence, excitement and urgency about the state of AI and it’s progress towards A-General-I. Only 30 years and we’ll will have our deity in circuitry* apparently, so I’d better hurry up and join the party.

I’ve only read through a few ‘naysayer’ type pieces and all of them including this one, Drew McDermott’s Artificial Intelligence Meets Natural Stupidity, have been really enjoyable for me. I hate thinking that I am naive about something which is important to me, and a little too often I get the feeling about AI that it’s too good to be true. …


Jonathon Belotti

Hard at work towards AI-Hard

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