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“We’ve done this in other areas of health care. Let’s do it here. If providers deliver quality care to black moms, they’ll make more. If they don’t, they’ll make less. Don’t just observe and debate racism in health care. Make providers pay until this crisis is fixed.”

Elizabeth Warren recently revealed a plan to make hospitals focus on increasing accountability in how Black mothers are treated by medical providers.

This plan has already come under attack by a piece in the Intelligencer under the argument that this plan would increase disparities in health due to its reliance on lump-payments. While it is noble to prioritize the care of Black mothers given the United States’ historical brutality towards and oppression of Black women, it’s an entirely different thing to spread harmful disinformation. …

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Photo by Adrienn

Between last night and today, there has been an outpouring of support for the fire that occurred at Notre Dame. The wealthiest people on earth have pledged half a billion Euros towards its restoration, social media feeds everywhere are chock full of vacation photos in front of the cathedral, and the news media has covered it to an intense degree.

We are, in a sense, reacting to this moment with an emotional outpouring, like we have to so many things in these past few years. And like we should have done in all those past moments, careful consideration is important. …


Wei Jia

Writer based in ATL. Former organizer with SURJ ATL, Advancing Justice ATL, and Hate Free Decatur.

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