Hasura Internship: Task 1.2

Hi all, this is the second blog in Hasura internship’s task oriented blogs series. This blog is for Task 1.2 which is “App prototype”. We had to make prototype for our 3 screen app. Here I will describe only the 3 screens prototype which excludes the Login/Logout/Register screen but you can see the entire prototype here. So, the screens are:

Screen 1:

Screen 1: Home Page

This is the home page of the app which shows the donations done by the user and also shows the list of top donators along with their GoodWill points that they have earned through donating.

Screen 2:

Screen 2: Donation Page

This is the donation page of the app which allows user to donate what they wish by providing neccessary information with just a single click. It also give list of various NGOs and other similar social welfare and service organisation to user to choose from.

Screen 3:

Screen 3: Profile Page

This is the profile page of the app which shows the user’s information like their name, email id, GoodWill points etc. User can also edit and save their profile information.

So, this is all about the 3 screen app prototype. Hope you all liked it and feel free to give any suggestions if you have any. Thanks :)