The Future of Spinoffs: Wayward Sisters

In many popular tv series the publishers will see a chance to expand the universe through spinoffs. Supernatural is the same and plans to release a spinoff through a backdoor pilot of season thirteen called Wayward Sisters. I am confident that this new series will be very successful because it follows characters that fans already know and love and it adds more female empowerment to the Supernatural series.

In an article written by Nellie Andreeva on the Deadline Hollywood website posted in July of 2017 she talks about the upcoming spinoff. Andreeva discusses the actresses would will play the leads in the show who will be Kim Rhodes (Jody), Brianna Buckmaster (Donna), Kathryn Newton (Clare), Clark Backo (Patience), and Katherine Ramdeen (Alex). Andreeva says, “Young actress Clark Backo (Designated Survivor), who would play a newly created character.” During the new series most main characters will be characters who were on Supernatural but Clark Backo will play a new character named Patience Turner who is the granddaughter of an early character in Supernatural, Missouri Moseley (Andreeva). Wayward Sisters will follow this group of girls through their lives and their adventures in hunting (Andreeva). I believe that this will help get the attention of more viewers because it follows characters we have learned to love but their new stories. It also will give the viewers new content that we haven’t seen yet through new characters like Patience.

The Wayward Sister will give Supernatural fans a new perspective on the lives of fan favorites and though at first fans were not sure if the cast would be the same as the ones played in Supernatural. but it was eventually confirmed on the Deadline website. On the Nerdist website Kendall Ashley wrote an article in July of 2017 which explains the new character Patience Turner more in depth. Ashley says “Patience is a young woman whose life gets turned on its head when she discovers she’s a very powerful psychic, an ability she inherited from her grandmother.” Ashley explains that Patience will seek refuge with Jody and her new family (Ashley). Patience grandmother Missouri Moseley played a psychic in the first season of Supernatural and she will be returning for an episode in Supernaturals thirteenth season (Ashley). Giving the Supernatural fan ties to some of the original characters from season one like Missouri Moseley will make Wayward sisters more popular. This gives the writers a chance to answer questions from the past that couldn’t fit into Supernatural. Adding new characters will give us new content so we don’t feel that it will be repetitive or mirroring Supernatural. This will make it more successful because fans will spill over from Supernatural to get the answers that they have been waiting for.

This isn’t the first time that Supernatural tried to launch a spinoff. Alexandria Ingham argues in an article why the new series will be more successful that the spinoff Bloodlines (which also had a backdoor pilot) which was released in 2013 (Ingham). Ingham posted this article on the Inquisitr website in 2017 and goes into depth why Bloodlines failed and why Wayward Sisters is expected to be a success. According to Ingham, “Fans instantly took a disliking to the show, mainly due to the fact that neither Winchester brother was going to be it. It also failed to include any characters that fans had grown to love in Supernatural.” Ingham’s point is that fans want something that follows characters that we know and want more information on not something that is completely new to the series (Ingham). This series will follow the only female characters in the show that havn’t be killed off and fans are excited. Fans of Supernatural have formed an understanding of each character. I have watched every season of Supernatural and I feel like I know the characters as well as I know my family. If they would have officially released a season of Bloodlines I wouldn’t feel the urge to watch it because it does add to the information I know of the Supernatural universe. Bloodlines created new car terms that we knew nothing about and the way it was presented it didn’t hook the fans. Wayward Sisters just builds on or new emotions which will make it more interesting to watch.

In a different article written by Kendall Ashley in 2017, on the Nerdist website she discusses how the fans of Supernatural finally get female empowerment. There is some controversy within the show as too why almost all of the main female characters have died but the Wayward Sisters give fan of the show the female empowerment that they have been looking for (Ashley). Ashley talks about this saying, “In a time when we’ve got Wonder Woman dominating the box office and a female Doctor flying the TARDIS, it’s pretty awesome that Supernatural fans will have some badass, female hunters to cheer on as well.” The writers have been know to listen to what the fans are asking for and this a another example of that.

Kendall Ashley is right about Supernatural giving the fans more female empowerment. I like other fans have not only been wanting more strong female characters but I have also wanted to see more of the ones who are already on the show. The lives of Jody, Clare and Alex have always been popular. Though the series I was always interested in seeing more of their dysfunctional family and now I finally get to see a series just about them.

Even though Bloodlines failed and it never actually made it to a whole season it may have been interesting to see if they introduced it in a different way. I am excited to see how Wayward Sisters grows and how popular it becomes. The Bloodlines series never seemed to have been that endorsed in the first place because I hadn’t ears of it until news of the Wayward sisters came out. Maybe if they introduced it in a different light it may have been more popular.

The new series Wayward Sisters will be very exciting to watch and see how other fans react to it. I think it will be very popular and I have been wanting to see more of these characters throughout the show. I am very excited for the series to come out.




I love Supernatural and I want to get involved!

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Alex Smith

Alex Smith

I love Supernatural and I want to get involved!

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