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In the decades following the American Civil War, times were tough everywhere, and Hezekiah Holcomb was no stranger to the hard-working life. Having left formal education after the first grade to work on the family farm, a longing for intellectual fulfillment began growing in him early on, and eventually gave rise to a desperate hunger for knowledge. …

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cown-tur-ex-sep-shun-ee-um (alt. pronunciation: southern Georgia)

n. A word which refers to anything outside a small, specific sub-group of a general category. Outside of the context of that sub-group, the word has little meaning except to except that to which it refers from the aforementioned sub-group.

Civilian — One who is not military personnel.
Gentile — One who is not Jewish.
Layperson / Layman — One who is not a member of clergy.
Sighted — One who is not blind.
Muggle — (fictional, from Harry Potter series) — one who is not a wizard. Also used in “geocaching” to refer to members of the public who are unaware of the “sport” (and who, if they were aware of it, would insist upon using quotation marks when referring to it as a “sport.”)

In Usage:

To describe something using a counterexceptionym outside of the sub-group context deceptively attaches hardly any meaning to it at all. For example, if a person describes him or herself as “A Sighted Civilian Gentile Layperson” very little information is attained, though upon appearances it may appear that a large amount of information has been disclosed. In fact, all that is gathered by that description is that the person is not blind, does not currently serve in the military, is not Jewish, and is not a member of church clergy. The person described could be a Zoroastrian car salesman from Hiroshima or an Agnostic horse whisperer who lives on an boathouse on Lake Hart, Australia… or practically anyone who does not fall into those specific sub-groups from which he is or she is excepted. Less information could only be gathered by introducing oneself with: “Hi. I eat solid food, have ten fingers, and don’t work in a coal mine. …

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n. Any word that is not a counterexceptionym.

Antonym: Counterexceptionym


Although the words themselves are antonyms of one another, it should be noted, to avoid confusion, that omnipluridrome is a counterexceptionym, while counterexceptionym is, of course, an omnipluridrome, as it is not, itself, a counterexceptionym. …


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