New Archetype in film

What I think is a new archetype is demonstrated in the characteristics of the and stories found in any of David Cronenbergs films. His work was recently on display at the Bell Light Box. Most of his early films have been low budget, but they have appealed to many. They are still entertaining to watch today, they have not become dated. They use unique special effects and costumes. The characters usually have some strange physical appearance, mannerisms, gestures, or interests. Examples include the remake of The Fly. A crazy transformation of the main character in a house fly. One of my favorites is an older film called Scanners, the heads of actors explode in this film. I never seen anything like it before. He is a Canadian filmmaker who has helped to put Canada and its film making industry on the map. His films stand out from Hollywood standard films that attempt to cash in on low budget horror and sci-fi flicks with simple standard ‘cut and slashing’ of main characters. David Cronenbergs films are fun and different to watch, you never know what to expect, there is always something new in how he presents a problem or situation. Here is a link to more info. on David Cronenberg films — Terry

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