Andela Self Study Clinic : cohort XVII

I arrived a bit earlier than i expected and thought what if i am the first to arrive at the Dojo(as i was later told what its called). The Dojo is Andelas main office where coders are trained:got the name from a place where ninjas are trained. After finally deciding to enter i was glad to find many fellow bootcampers had already arrived. We played fun games that gave us the andela feeling and later headed to Spira education to carry on our self study. EPIC was the acronym given to represent the key Andela values. Loice a former Bootcamper gave a story of her Andela story. She told us not to worry if the going gets tough as some things we encounter in life make as better than who we were before. The discussions were full of life and very cool. We were divided into teams just before lunch. We made brief introductions to our teammates and i was lucky to have Loice as my LFA. Soon it was lunch time. All the fun i was having must have raised my appetite and the cooking skills for the Andela cooks also made a huge contribution. We had interesting discussions and later in the afternoon we got on to some technical work. The most challenging task was the test cases for the loan calculator but through the help of my new interesting team mates we tackled it very well. What i liked the most was the explanations given by the LFAs when we asked questions. From the answers i could tell the guys lived and breathed code. A complex question was answered with real life situations. I also felt like a guru with all the knowledge they shared.The day was very interesting and full of learning. Really looking forward to boot-camp day 2