Why I Ran Out Butt-Naked Into The Street On Tuesday Night
Eric Rugara

Great job Eric. A great article that comes in attack mode; I am a self-confessed know it. Ego the size of an elephant.

I am in a better position. Or so I think. A couple of years back I always had something to say whatever the topic. I was always speaking. Nowadays I try to chill and listen. Talk less. I think I am a quiet person but my mouth says otherwise. The more you talk, the higher the chances of creating unproven theories. If you love stories & narratives as I do, you are even in a worse position. So, I will try to listen more. Laugh more (this has nothing to do with this. I just read a story cum interview about a teenager who laughs more meaningfully. Like I used to. I miss a hearty laugh. The roaring laughter that fills a room.)

Editors would do us better if the narrative fallacy was checked. I feel papers would be more than for “wrapping meat”