Law of eternity

I walked into a bar for the very first time. It was a nervous time. There were five tall wooden stools lying in front of the bartender. I sat on one of them. A girl next to me ordered something incoherently. I failed to hear.

A chance to order a drink by it's name was lost.

The bartender came up to me. I looked around nervously, searching for the name of a drink. The girl too was looking at me. I smiled.

I will have one glass of what she ordered. I said, looking at the bartender and then at the girl with a flirtatious smile. Good move. I thought to myself.

You sure? She asked. The bartender laughed. I was a little confused but I said yes.

Half a minute later two glasses of chilled mineral water stood in front of us.

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Now I laughed.

First timer? I asked.

No. Not technically. But yes, first time without my friends. You?


Oooh. She said with raised eyebrows.

Was. Thought of changing it today.

Didn't work out pretty well huh? She said, sipping the water with a straw and looking from the corner of her eyes. We both laughed.

The bartender suddenly kept a drink on the table, probably for someone who had ordered and gone to the loo. I snatched it when he turned away and took a big gulp straight away. It made a hole in my throat.

Well, there you have it. Couldn't be a teetotaler for long. Nothing lasts forever. Doesn't it?

Hmmm... On the contrary, I believe everything lasts forever.

I could debate on that, but go on.


Explain it. Your hypothesis. She looked unclear.

Your theory... I said with my eyebrows raised this time.

Ooooh. She said.



We almost asked each other at the same time and nodded respectively.

Okay.... She said. I have a feeling you may not like it but this is how it goes : according to me whatever you think, whatever you do and whatever happens, lasts forever.

Whatever? I asked.

Yes. The ideas that you think about, stays in your mind forever. You aren't just aware. It's somewhere there at the back of your head in the very corner of your brain, staying there probably until your death. The things that you do, always remain the same, untouched. For instance the creases on your bed, the Apple lying on the table, the dust on the floor and just about everything.... And the things that happen, the events that take place - that probably never changes. Whatever it is, it's history and history remains the same forever. Until.....


Until something exactly opposite comes across and changes it's mere existence. Like the thought that came into your mind. It only lasts until another thought comes that conflicts with your previous one and tackles it down and takes it's place. The creases on your bed only remain a crease until the sheets are straightened. And then 'Puff' it no longer exists. And finally the events - The World War ended because the will to fight in itself was defeated. Small pox was eradicated because we got vaccines for them...... Do you get the point?

Wow! Arts isn't that bad after all huh? I said. She leaned towards me and said in a whisper :

It's better than science.

I smiled and shook my head in wonder.

To be fair it does sound like Newton's first law of motion.

Yes indeed. But even though he discovered the law, he did not discover the law.

The law?

The law of Eternity. He probably never realized it's repercussions. Which I dare say are psychological.

And they are?

Two paradoxes.

To Newton's law?

No. To the law of Eternity. No offence, but I feel like this law is broader. Told you, you won't like this theory.

Ooooh. Alright. I think I found one of them.

Go ahead.

Okay. Um.... When we talk about there is nothing as such as 'forever' we are talking in context of time. But time in itself never extinguishes. In short, it lasts forever.

Correct. Well said Sir! She said and bowed lightly. I smiled with pride.

Newton probably won't like it either. I said.

Yeah. It's a pity. Nothing lasts forever. She said. We laughed.

Who knows, he might just be in the bar of heaven now after hearing this, thinking of quitting to be a teetotaler!

We laughed even louder. The bar was getting busier and noisier, so we pushed our stools closer.

What's the second one? I asked.

Hmmmmm.... It's pretty deep. She said, shaking her head.

We are sitting in a bar, with glasses of water in our hand instead of whiskey. Don't you think that wasn't deep enough?

Ha ha. Okay, okay. Shall I say? I said ideas stop remaining 'forever' until something conflicting passes by. Right?


But it's been quite a while I have had this in my mind now. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has had no contenders. Is this idea itself in conflict with each other?

It took some time for me to digest. But when I did, I took the glass of water and splashed it on my face.

Now that's how you impress a nerd! I exclaimed.

She smiled and blushed.

And that's how we fell in love with each other.

Fifty five years ago.

As I look at her photo now, I fall down in tears.

May her soul rest in peace.

And hey there is the third contender that has joined this elite group. And it's probably the biggest.

It's called love.

It not only lasts forever, but grows forever.

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