Thanks. I always ignore the haters.
Isabel Rose

Isabel — this is a serious question, I’m truly not trying to troll.

I am curious to hear your opinion on when in life you believe children may become aware of what gender truly means, and what level of influence society may have in expediting the belief of a gender switch? Most scientists agree that a child’s development both physiologically and psychologically is a mixture of nature (what a child is born with) and nurture (how the child is brought up/their surroundings). I am interested in hearing your opinion in the matter regarding children becoming transgender.

Children grow up faster than they used to these days, so I don’t think it is impossible for children to become self-aware at a young age. Although I personally don’t believe that a child can become so self-aware and knowledgable about gender by age five that they want to switch, I am curious to understand your thought process on the matter. What is your belief in regards to how much nature vs nurture influenced Sadie?

I think this is an important sociological question that should be discussed in depth.

Even if we may disagree on what age true self-awareness may come about, I do commend you for being such an unconditionally loving parent — we need more unconditional love in this world.

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