It is ridiculous that a child of that age can make such a decision.
Robert Crane

Well said Robert. I expressed a similar sentiment earlier — my cousin (a male) was very feminine from a very young age. He used to dress up in his mom’s dresses and play with barbies and other typically-feminine things when he was young. He came out to our family a couple years ago and is happily in a homosexual relationship with a great man.

We’ve never had a more close relationship than we do right now. I love him to death & I’m so happy for him & his boyfriend — they make a handsome couple. I’d be upset if he was forced into being transgender (and god forbid, had gender reassignment surgery) at such a young age, only to realize he was homosexual.

Like you said, I truly do hope that deep down Sadie wants this — but at such a young age our children are tremendously impressionable by parents. They want to make their parents proud. This girl is out protesting about something she doesn’t even have the self-awareness to understand. 5 year olds, or even 8 year olds for that matter can’t exactly comprehend what gender actually means — they can only reflect what their parents have taught them about it at the time. God forbid this child wakes up 10 years from now regretting what was done.

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