Let’s beat cancer TOGETHER!

Logo design by Michelle Je — USC Iovine and Young Academy

On my birthday last year, I started Salt Cancer Initiative (SCI) with a message “You don’t have to fight cancer alone!”. Within the past 2 months, I continue receiving thousands of message from cancer patients and volunteers who would like to get involved and contribute for the initiative. However, the “initiative” only means the power or opportunity to act. And it’s time to get our actions together!

I was never a big fan of activity tracking until May last year. I got a Fitbit from Costco for $129 out of curiosity. Then I found the Fitbit is actually very healthful to track my distance on the hike and tracking my sleep. However, the real usage of Fitbit only came after I got diagnosed. I religiously checked my Fitbit every morning I wake up to see how I sleep last night. I make sure to hit minimum 30K steps weekly. That’s how I measure my energy level overall.

My physician introduced me to USC Kuhn Laboratory so that I can check out some of the projects they’re working using wearable technology to do research about cancer. The two projects caught my attention are CancerBase and Atom-HP. From the patient point of view, these project are no-brainer, and I wonder “No one has done it yet?”

When it come to cancer treatments and survivors, many people would be surprised how come something seem obviously has been blindsided to lots of people. So, let’s change that!

When I came to USC ten years ago, I participate in a the first Hackathon called SS12 — which theme with “make technology friendlier for disable people”. That event has so much impact in my entire career at GreenGar and further. It would be really cool to bring back that spirit to help cancer patients.

I feel incredibly lucky and grateful meet and work with a wonderful group of 10 students at USC Iovine and Young Academy. We put together a plan for Hackathon within a week, and hacked a website within only 24 hours. Then we got USC approval for the event on April 7–9, 2017

Hack for Health will be a weekend long event where we bring together engineers, designers, physicians, and cancer survivors in the USC community to have conversations with each other, build some cool product, and most important: having fun while making a difference!

Please check out our event via: www.hackforhealth.co

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