Brands Hit a Hole-in-One at the 2015 Masters

The 79th annual Masters Tournament not only showcased some of the top names in golf, but also served as a platform for brands to establish themselves in the competitive sports space. While the official sponsors of the Masters were IBM, AT&T and ExxonMobil, it was Nike and Under Armour who took center stage as they garnered attention from top tier media outlets and fans alike. Nike’s affiliation with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy and Under Armour’s sponsorship of the 2015 champion, Jordan Spieth meant that the two brands were able to utilize their athlete endorsement deals to help integrate into the world of golf without ever having to sign an official contract with the Masters Tournament. By associating with some of the world’s most elite golfers, the apparel companies illustrated the importance of athlete sponsorships as a way to engage with fans while maximizing brand presence during large sporting events. While choosing an athlete for an activation may seem like a daunting process, Thuzio 360 makes the selection process simple so you can get the most out of your next investment.

The Image of a Brand and Athlete

In the days leading up to the Masters Tournament, Nike released a short film, which was able to promote the highly anticipated return of Tiger Woods as well as look into Rory McIlory’s transformation from fan to pro. Their commercial entitled “Ripple” looks into the emotional and competitive relationship between two of the top names in golf. Launched on YouTube, the advertisement immediately went viral generating over 4 million impressions to date as it was rapidly shared through Facebook and Twitter while being included in a variety of publications such as USA Today, Golf Digest, Business Insider and ESPN. Illust


rating the traits of determination, passion and sportsmanship in their video, Nike demonstrates the importance of choosing athletes that directly connect with brand pillars. Finding the talent that aligns with corporate missions and responsibilities is vital for brands looking to create an impacting and engaging campaign. With over 300,000 data points, Thuzio 360 is able to filter talent based on interests and strengths to ensure that the athlete you are pairing with aligns perfectly with brand needs. Serving as a digital library of information on over 20,000 athletes, Thuzio 360 is able to find a brand’s ideal talent in just a few clicks.

On the Course Advantage

The Masters Tournament was not only a huge win for record setting 21 year old Jordan Spieth, but also for his lead sponsor Under Armour. Enticed by his All-American look and dynamic golf game, the apparel company signed a 10-year deal with Spieth this January, making sure that he is consistently covered from head to toe in Un


der Armour. On just Sunday alone, Spieth displayed 16 logos including 3 on his hat, 3 on his shirt, 1 on his pants, 1 on his belt and 8 on his shoes. This investment ended up paying off big for Under Armour as Sports Business Journal reports that the company earned over $33.6M in broadcast exposure on CBS and ESPN. Without ever having to place an ad, Under Armour dominated the broadcast space by simply outfitting the Masters biggest star. By using Thuzio 360 you can easily discover talent and receive transparency on pricing for appearances as well as sponsored social posts. These projected retail prices can help you create a realistic budget when choosing to pair with an athlete. By looking at Nike and Under Armour’s return on investment, it’s evident that endorsing talent can be worth the price tag.