Markdown is great for simple text editing. Try jupyter!

I used org-mode for a while. I’m amazed by Freemind, after a few keyboard binding tweaks.

But jupyter is something else. Whether you’ve heard of literate programming or not, it makes for a neat markdown text editor. Two pounds mean header 2, and so forth, links take the format [text](link). That should get you started, but of course you need to install the software, first.

Assuming you have Python installed, open the command prompt and run pip install jupyter. Once that runs successfully, you can start a jupyter session via jupyter notebook. Once there, select Markdown where it says Code, and you’re good to go. Click the first cell until you get a cursor and off you go.

It’s an immense joy to work with, especially if you do any sort of programming in python, because it lets you run python commands within the document, (and on your machine, so be careful).

Different language “kernels” provide interfaces to other languages’ runtimes. I have ijavascript installed, but there seem to be a plethora of other languages available.

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