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We’re cooperative.

Roughly two years ago, Denise and I started to develop the ideas that center The Workshop Independent School. We believed deeply that families and children deserve a middle school that uniquely matches their developmental interests and abilities, but we’ve been consistently inspired by the positive and passionate response we’ve received.

We set out across the country to meet with interesting and innovative school founders. We had a sense of how large this project might be, but we didn’t yet know exactly how many amazing educators are working to design and build truly innovative schools. Along the way, we’ve discovered more and more incredible small schools, and we’ve learned amazing new insights from every school visit.

Every conversation set in motion a new set of ideas and strategies, but we started to realize that each conversation was small in its own way. The movement felt much larger! And during the last 6 months, we’ve worked to organize and establish The Innovative Schools Cooperative, a national network of 10 innovative and transformative independent schools. The Cooperative includes renowned schools like Brightworks in San Francisco, NuVu Studio in Boston, and Portfolio School in NYC.

Last weekend, the Founders and Heads of School from our network schools met together for two days in New York City. We discussed our strategic goals for the Cooperative, and we received targeted feedback for new ideas and challenges facing our school. Most importantly, we confirmed our commitment to help and support each other. And the movement.

Because we believe in the transformative power of education. We believe that every child and every family deserves a high quality education. And we believe that our small network of innovative schools can help transform how local communities think about learning and schooling.

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The Workshop Independent is a middle | micro | maker school for diverse students and families in Brooklyn, New York.

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