Evolving a thirty-three-year-old brand in today’s ever-changing world of consumer habits

by Desiree Hankerson, Brand Communications Manager, THX Ltd.

This is the second in a series of pieces on the evolution of THX.

“Broadway” - the quintessential “The Audience is Listening” trailer featuring Deep Note and the electric blue signature frame.

THX permeated the cinema industry over thirty years ago, revolutionizing the quality of the movie-going experience. While we have since expanded into other industries, over the past three decades we have maintained the same unwavering commitment to our mission, to truthfully deliver the artist’s vision, and have dedicated ourselves to ensuring quality playback and performance for products and experiences that bear our mark.

THX has ventured into a variety of spaces over the years: consumer electronics, content, automotive, and, most recently, live-entertainment. While we are and will continue to be in these spaces, there is an industry need and market opportunity for us to evolve outside of our traditional program offerings.

Mainstream consumer consumption habits are not what they were in the 1980s, 1990s, early 2000s, even what they were a two years ago; they’re continuing to evolve at a staggering pace with no sign of stalling anytime soon.

In more recent years, the industry saw a large shift to convenience, and a subsequent decline in quality. But this was a largely accepted fact, as overall demand for convenience far outweighed demand for quality. We’re approaching a time where consumers, technology, and products are all maturing and making a shift to focus on performance to accompany the convenience.

To meet these changes, company evolution is necessary, it’s inevitable, and it’s challenging.

A thirty-plus-year brand comes with really good and sometimes really tough facets. We have access to a strong legacy, a fantastic story, and an even greater community of evangelists available to support our success in new endeavors. Hand-in-hand, there’s also decades’ worth of expectations built up from ourselves, and individuals who have an established connection with our brand. There’s an association with THX representing the finest audio-video presentation and subsequent demand for a certain level of quality, coupled with an attachment to our history and traditional certification programs. All of this must be taken into consideration and influence our path going forward.

As we navigate our way through planning for our role in the future of entertainment, it’s important to take the time to understand where our brand has been, where it is currently, and consider the impact it plays on our success of where we’d like to be.

The following are our internal considerations that we consider most important:

1. Leverage the THX legacy and brand to enter into new spaces, without diminishing our core mission and values.
2. Give the same attention to existing consumer perception, their wants, needs, and expectations, as is shown to new markets.
3. Understand that there are expectations for the company and any product or experience attached to our brand.
4. Bring the enthusiasts and evangelists who propelled and sustained us along in the new journey through inclusion in the process.

For those of you who have in-depth familiarity with us, you know our story, our brand, our programs, our mission and values.

You recognize our logo, TEX, have watched all of our trailers, and know the roar of Deep Note. You follow our social channels, and share your thoughts on your experiences, connection and love of the brand. You’ve even shared images of your home theaters with us. You get us. You are the reason thirty-three-years later, we are here. Your appreciation and understanding for what quality is and why it matters, is why we do what we do.

Evolution is inevitable. As we segue into new markets to address consumer consumption habits, whether it be AR and VR, headphones, streaming or wireless speakers — our goal is not abandon the ardent devotees of traditional cinema and home theater experiences. Our goal is invite others in: to provide access to quality audio and video performance, no matter the medium of consumption. To devote ourselves to advancing the industries and technologies to be the best they can be, so that everyone has access to high fidelity experiences.