UNA is the first scalable cryptocurrency for Africa, built on the CryptoNote protocol.

Why create a new digital currency for Africa?

Africa is geographically such a rich continent, but financially so poor.

Other popular coins have taken some steps that would allow for financial inclusion in emerging markets, but very few coins are viable in these markets.

Mining has also allowed for people to earn coins in exchange for utilizing the processing power , but distribution is not equal. Mining is dominated by a few large corporations since the equipment needed for it to be profitable, is too expensive.

UNA aims to address all of these shortcomings, and to provide the people of Africa with not only a store of value, but also a more viable solution as a method of exchange.


Transactions are faster, more private and unlinkable.

Mining operations are also more energy efficient, and requires very little electricity (Something that is a scarcity in Africa). This allows miners to earn UNA with entry-level computers, since mining uses a CPU-only PoW algorithm. Our aim with this is a better and more equal distribution of coins.

The UNA team will also soon launch integrated wallet mining which would allow people to mine through simply opening / using their wallet.

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