I’m a host for an Internet Radio Show…

Don’t mind the scowls. We’re a joyful bunch of millennials. From left to right: Wyl, Josh and I

It’s called The Darkened Hour and I work with my good pals Josh and Wyl. We chat about comics, movies and some current events. We use to talk about this kind of stuff for hours before we ever considered making a show. It was a rather natural transition. The show is live at Celestial Space Radio where folks can join in the fun by calling in and/or commenting via facebook. The show in its entirety is uploaded either later that night or the next day. I came to the realization that we have been doing this for over a month and it’s been a blast! Time flies.

Prior to becoming a co host, I couldn’t stand hearing the sound of my voice. I mean I really hated it. I thought at first it was cringe-worthy. Despite those feelings, I tossed myself outside of my comfort zone. It was nerve wracking but after a few shows I got over it. Realizing that my voice isn’t as shitty as I perceived it to be gave me a nice confidence boost. There are plenty of things that have to run through my mind beside the topic at hand. Stay a certain distance from the mic. Cue Josh when I have a thought. Check phone for notes. Oh wait, we have a caller. The break is in 2 mins; lets wrap it up. Overall, Speaking to an audience was a strange new territory but it’s quite nice once you figure out your own style when expressing your own opinions. We’ve have a decent flow with each other. I like to think that I’m getting better and better each time I get on the air.

An actual smile. Didn’t know I could do one of those. Check out those buns.

Recently we’ve talked about our re-ignited excitement for the whole Star Wars franchise due to The Force Awakens trailer. I binged through the original sequels and was floored. This made TFA that much more of an event to myself and many others. I certainly consider myself a new fan. We’ve covered what’s going on in DC, Marvel, Image, Boom Box studios and so much more. I personally enjoy talking and shedding light on all kinds of women in comics.The Darkened Hour is wildly passionate and enthusiastic about our discussions. More importantly, we have a damn good time. As fans we care about the narrative, appearance, casting, style and can get analytical at times.

Current TDH logo. ***subject to change

In addition, we are also using this as platform to promote our own skills. I’m a graphic designer. Josh is a filmmaker(his link is coming soon). Wyl is a musician with a few extra tricks up his sleeve. Right now TDH is on the verge of expansion. A YouTube channel and rad collaborations are on the horizon. I am super proud to be apart of The Darkened Hour and we would be pleased if you gave us a listen. Thanks for reading.

You guys should listen to the show just based on how utterly charming Wyl looks. I mean come on. Look at that face.