Spotlight for my inner writing voice please

How writing comes from within

I brought my inner writing voice here today to stand in the spotlight. She will keep her voice loud and raise her head high. As she speaks, you may feel the same sense of excitement that she feels. And so it begin, the creative cycle, which can only be passed from one creative spirit to another, after they’ve found each other.

Upon the prompting by a colleague, I started this blog a couple of week ago. In order to write, I need to just wait for my inner writing voice to speak. All I do is write down whatever she says. On most mornings, she is verbose early in the morning, between 5am-7am. She rambles non-stop as I lay half asleep in bed.

“Stop talking to me, I’m trying to sleep,” I would complain. And then, “Wait, sorry, please go on.”
Portrait of my inner writing voice.

Eventually she’ll stop talking at around 7am. If I want to write more, I’ll need to go out for a walk. She likes that and would talk more while I’m on the walk. She’ll talk in spurts, as she also just likes to enjoy the scenery.

“C’mon! Say something, I don’t have all day,” I would complain. And then, “Wait, sorry, no pressure, please take your time.”

An hour later, I’ll get home, and that’s about all I’ll get from her for the day.

Lastly, if I want to write more, I’ll need to take a leisurely shower with fancy organic scrubs and fragrant oils. She likes that, and sometimes, if she’s in a good mood, she’ll say a few more things in the shower.

But that’s it. No more. She’s done for the day.

Inner writing voice, take a bow. What a performance.