How to collaboratively make mental model diagrams in your organisation

In our previous article we introduced mental model diagrams, some of the theory behind them, and the kind of value we believe they offer organisations. In this more hands-on article, we’ll take you through our process of collaboratively building a comprehensive mental model diagram.

Written by Tiago Camacho and Leah Connolly

Mental model diagrams are a great way to capture how the people we design for experience a specific area. As an approach, they allow us to clarify people’s intents, their feelings, and what attitudes they bring to the table as they move towards their goals.

Building a mental model diagram is an iterative process that is composed of continuous rounds of research, analysis, synthesis and refinement. We can break down this process into 6 discrete steps (Fig. …


Tiago Camacho

MSc, PhD • Senior UX Designer@SEEK

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