Across the globe, politics are changing, and with it, new ideologies in politics change the way people live as well. Politics became truly important in our society, because politics have great impact in people’s life. However, dissatisfaction toward traditional politicians is real and seem to influence many others on social media. This reality opens space for populists to rise and influence those in the working class who are confused on which party, or person, should they vote. For other words, people want the real savior for all the problems facing their countries.

One study by the Pew Research Center shows that in Brazil, only 9% of the people think their economy is good and 83% claim being dissatisfied with the way their democracy works. While on the other side, in Sweden, 81% of the people think Swedish economy is good and that results in 70% of satisfaction with democracy. The same study, surveyed in 27 different countries, shows 6 in 10 people think the economic and democratic situation won’t change in their countries, no matter who wins the elections. These numbers are representative of the situation in many developed countries, where automatization, climate change and other global issues are seemed to be driving the economy to an uncertain place. This uncertainty makes people anxious, angry, and in need of a quick change. …


Tiago Rodrigues da Costa

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