Why some people complain a lot?

After all these years living abroad, I realised that the act of complain isn’t something typical from Brazilians, but a characteristic from different cultures, at a global level. No matter how good things are going, they keep focusing only on the bad side. Here in Ireland, because of the weather, I always listen saying “It’s so cold!”, “why it’s raining so much?”, “These winter clothes are too expensive” or “It’s such a bad traffic jam!”.

At work, is also usual to face complaints about difficulties in relationships or about the amount of work — because for them, working extra hours or on weekends are such a crazy thing!

To be honest, it is very difficult, even when you live abroad, to see someone praising the next or even being grateful to the work which guarantees them the opportunity to live outside their country of origin. If you are unhappy with something, change it. If your work makes you unhappy, switch function or business. If you are not happy in your relationship, have a conversation, look for ways to improve it or just split up. Remember that you are the master of your fate and captain of your soul. Our destiny belongs to ourselves! Remember that all people face problems. How each one reacts to their problems is what will make the difference. Complaining will not solve anything and embittered people often attract bad things. This approach does not just don’t solve the problems but bring others.

“The tip to overcome these situations is to focus on solutions, adopt a positive attitude and, even though it will not be easy, smile. Happy people, unlike the group of chronic complainers, attract happiness and good things. The next time, when you start to complain, think about it and make your time worthwhile”.