Just one thing: Don’t let anyone dictate your future.

Our future is defined by us. Only you know what’s the best thing for yourself. Do what you thing it’s the right thing. The right thing is always the right thing.

A lot of people will try to create a path for your life saying that you should be an astronaut, a doctor, etc, but that is only their opinion about what you should be in the your life, in the future. Only you know what’s the best for you.

If you follow the “rules” that are set by others you will basically live in their hands, they will do whatever with you because they know that you listen to them and follow what they say.

  • Self-Love and Self-Awareness.

All that you need is self love and self awareness. Once you take these skills you control your life, you are living by your own, otherwise others are dictating your future and your body will think that your thoughts for you have 0 value on your life. When you have enough self love in you, you control your life and you are confident on what’s the best thing for you.

Don’t let others make you whatever they want you to be.

Lazy days? Like rainy days?

Yeah, that ones… I know that feeling. Just keep hustling while others give excuses.

Yeah, that one was a picture taken by me today. Just a rainy day. Don’t let the weather creates inside your mind any excuse. Just go out and get it.

For me, i really like these days, such a relaxing time listening the rain pouring in the streets. Really like it.

  • Spend some time learning any musical instrument.

Learning any musical instrument increase our mental life in terms of health.

And it’s such a great time to spend, listening and playing music that you like.

I hope you enjoy my publication. It’s the first of a lot of them. The secret is to develop our self love to a good point.

— Tiago Filipe Lança