Mobile UX London 2016

Tiago Marques
Jan 31, 2017 · 2 min read

So yeah, I did one of the talks at Mobile UX London 2016.


The topic? You probably guessed it: “What banks can learn from Mortal Kombat X” (and many other games, really).

Early last year I set myself a series of goals for 2016. My more “vocational” ones included getting a contract to work directly with an established financial services brand, going back to writing and sharing my designs ideas and research so to start becoming a focal point between UX and the international fintech scene… and brushing up my public speaking skills.

I should probably have taken into consideration that some of my other goals of starting a family would end up consuming a tremendous amount of my energy and focus throughout 2016, so yeah, not nearly as much writing (or sleeping) as I had planned! But well worth it.

And so on November 25th, I finally had a chance to do some speaking at Mobile UX Monday 2016. A bit rusty as I hadn’t done any keynotes since leaving UsTwo a while ago, but hopefully 2017 will present a few more speaking opportunities...

Enjoy the video!

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