Disabling right-click zone on touchpad on Gnome

Hi! I don’t know if more than one person had this issue or just me…. But now in 2017, we have larges touchpads on our laptops. We don’t have the division of left and right click. And this is amazing! I have more freedom to left click where i want because more than 80% of time i’m left-clicking.

A lot of searches… I’m using Fedora 27 with Gnome 3 on Wayland (what makes more difficult to find what i need).

I was thinking if will be a good idea to adopt a new habit to always click on the left area when….

WOW! I’m not alone!

I’ve fixed this! But if you don’t want to do it by console, you can simply use: gnome-tweak-tool

You can find in the keyboard & mouse option and select Fingers on Click Method.


That’s it! Hope it help you as it helped me!