Six months is a lot of time in Javascript framework land, so my previous article needs an update. I advise you to check it out before this one, as we go deeper in the philosophies behind Weex and NativeScript-Vue.

So… what's new?

Both frameworks are being furiously developed, particularly by improving the limitations pointed out six months ago.

Weex has a new website with better documentation. The CLI tools (weex-toolkit) were refined and should provide a smoother development experience. The Weex core team is very invested in showing the framework to the world. …

UPDATE 07-03-2018: Now there is a chapter II of this article! Make sure you check it out after reading this one.

Vue.js is a great framework! It has a friendly learning curve and combines the best of React’s component approach and Angular’s templates. Despite all this, Vue.js still has a limitation that could be a deal breaker: unlike with React’s React Native, Vue.js currently has no stable, widely adopted way to develop native apps.

This is bound to change, though! There are currently two frameworks under development that could open the door to creating native apps with Vue.js, the framework…

How to build a Weex app for the Web, Android and iOS!

If you read The State of Weex: an inaccurate and outdated report, you learned that there was no clear path to make a Weex VueJS app that would build for the web, Android and iOS.

Well… now there is! Let’s do it!

Disclaimer: This is what we know as of 28th February 2017 and will soon (hopefully) be even more inaccurate and outdated!

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to fiddle with Weex, A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI with Vue.js. The project promises a lot:

Write Once Run Everywhere: Weex provides the ability to cross platform, such as the web, Android and IOS can use the same API development function.

Weex is currently being actively developed mostly by Alibaba’s dev team, which is great because they are huge! Unfortunately, this also means that most of the documentation and…

Uma lista das referências bíblicas e teológicas das letras do último álbum de Samuel Úria

Provavelmente Samuel Úria é hoje a voz protestante evangélica mais ouvida em Portugal. As suas letras espelham a integridade de um homem de fé que vive a fé. É só querer ouvir...

Propus-me a fazer uma lista das interseções entre o disco “Carga de Ombro” e a Bíblia. Não pretendo fazer uma exegese das letras (isso seria pretensioso da minha parte), mas limito-me a listar as vezes em que Samuel claramente referencia a Bíblia ou algum conceito teológico.

Nota: Nem sempre a referência é aplicada no sentido direto. Por vezes a referência é usada como contraste ou num sentido irónico.

In a project I decided to use the package Swaggervel, which combines generating Swagger documentation with Swagger-PHP and serving swagger-ui all in a nice Laravel package.

Swagger-PHP generated swagger documentation from annotations, which is a great idea because having the docs and the code in the same place makes it easier to keep both in sync. I had each endpoint documentation above the corresponding action in the controller and documented the model definitions in the (thephpleague/fractal) Transformer classes.

So great! I actually managed to document my Api with these annotations, but:

  • It was very, very hard;
  • Poor documentation. The official…

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