8 reasons why Jordan Peterson is the worst intellectual of our generation

Jordan Peterson is increasingly gaining fame across the globe, but is his popularity deserved? Does he actually have anything interesting to say? Most definitely not. In fact, I argue he’s the worst intellectual of our time. If even an intellectual at all.

  1. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

What exactly, makes Jordan Peterson think he’s knowledgeable enough to speak about these issues? What exactly has he accomplished academically? Absolutely nothing. Despite not being a credible source, he speaks as if he was an authority on the subject, deceiving his followers. He constantly references literature that doesn’t even exist, and made a fake profile on ResearchGate, claiming to have published over 120 research papers and cited 6000 times. How can such a con artist keep gaining fame?

2. He advocates hate speech.

Not explicitly, but he’s a very vocal advocate of free speech. He claims free speech is an essential tool for civilization, to make sure we can have an honest dialogue and sort out the truth. But why should truth be pursued at the expense of my emotional stability?

Plus, what if free speech allows the promotion of violence or crime? The world would collapse. The government should make a law against it.

3. He constantly uses Pepe - a hate symbol.

Jordan has had several times used the meme Pepe, a hate symbol and some unbiased sources even claiming it’s a symbol of the alt right. Peterson uses this meme constantly in his posts and videos. Pepe belongs to the alt right. It has always been and always will. It’s undisputed for anyone that understands meme culture. Jordan has gone as far as making an entire half-an-hour video titled “The Metaphysics of Pepe” about the meme. I couldn’t quite understand what was said but it’s clearly about the extreme right.

Jordan Peterson showcasing his pride in Pepe

4. He’s making money.

Jordan Peterson makes a very considerable amount of money, and money, as everyone knows, is bad. Not only does he dare to accept voluntary donations, he also takes advantage of his large reach to set up his pricing based on the demand for his products and content. Clearly this is nothing but a money-making scheme. Before he got famous he never spoke about these issues. His thought is obviously fabricated to appeal to this specific political situation, and he doesn’t actually believe or care about the issues he speaks of.

His financial success is even more appalling considering has has never offered any free content at all. If you want to “benefit” from his ideas, you have to pay.

Now that Jordan Peterson is a millionaire, he can finally satisfy his hedonistic capitalist greed by offering services that pretend to improve peoples’ lives, creating an online university by indoctrinating young minds to the western cannon, and trying to participate in social cases against “harmful” ideologies.

5. He believes in IQ.

Despite IQ being debunked over and over again, Jordan Peterson can’t help but talk about it, being mentioned at every single lecture. Why is he so obsessed about IQ? He claims it’s an important metric because of its predictive power, but how can something have predictive power if it doesn’t exist? It’s a logical fallacy.

In fact, Jordan Peterson has two entire lectures (here, and here) dedicated to just IQ, so he can justify his white supremacy. He has referred 2 books in specific, just to try to support his pseudoscience intelligence theory: Human Cognitive Abilities: A Survey of Factor-Analytic Studies and The Neuroscience of Intelligence. Both with zero scientific backing, made by non-experts in the field.

And last by not least, not only does he support the theory of IQ, but he places it above everything else. Stating in numerous videos that it’s the most important trait of any individual, and if you have a low IQ, then clearly you can’t do anything in life, and you’re probably a bad person.

6. He’s part of the alt right.

Everyone knows Jordan Peterson is very sympathetic to the alt right, perhaps even being a neo-nazi himself. First of all, we already provided irrefutable evidence through his use of the Pepe meme, but it goes further. He constantly attempts to hide his alt-right views, so he can continue preaching them. For example, he has spoke about the alt right and the extreme right in general countless times, like here, here and here. And guess what? Every time, he speaks against these movements. How convenient? Does Jordan think we’re dumb? This is exactly what an alt-right undercover would say.

In order to further hide his agenda, he frequently makes memes while he pretends to be mocked by the alt right, such as these:

To top it off, a common feature of the alt right is being against Jews, which Jordan addresses here and here. He claims he finds anti-antisemitism reprehensible, again in line with his alt right disguise. While some of the alt right is sympathetic towards Jordan because of his anti political correctness and traditionalism, he’s also heavily criticized for not sharing their collectivist ideals and ethnocentrism. Unless, of course, JP actually does share those views, but he’s simply hiding it, which seems to me to be the case.

Even if you try to deny his attachment to the alt right, he does have fans that do belong to the movement. He has close to 1 million subscribers, and he speaks against the radical left, so what’s the likelihood of having some alt right sympathizers in his audience? Zero, unless obviously he’s a member himself or is trying to propagate its ideas.

7. He’s sexist

Jordan Peterson, as an extreme right-winger, is sexist. While he tries to argue himself out of his sexist position by claiming there is other variables that may explain the variance across wages, he got caught in his interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4. I quote:

“Women get paid less than man, and it’s good that that’s the case. This is because men are inferior to women, and therefore we should make more money based on our superior intellect. In fact, I don’t think women should even work at all. They should stay home and make babies”.

The interview got worldwide attention, commenting on how ridiculous JP’s claims are. It quickly got internet famous, with thousands of comments in the original video supporting Cathy Newman, by her magnificent interviewing skills, exposing Jordan Peterson for who he truly is.

8. He’s an authoritarian

Jordan Peterson is obsessed with hierarchies. He fantasizes a political regime where there’s an absolute leader. It’s unclear if he aspires to be the ruler himself, but clearly he will do everything to install a dictatorship. Worse of all, he argues this system is the best possible political scenario, and an unavoidable outcome in mankind's history, because of lobster behavior. In one of his lectures, he even preached growing a mustache, so they can look like antennas, preparing for our soon-to-be lobster society.

His twisted malevolent tendencies can be seen below. You can see the source of the video here, if you think it was taken out of context. It definitely wasn’t, check for yourself.

In closing, Jordan Peterson is a terrible influence on our society, and has nothing of value to offer. We must fight against the radicalization of our youth.