The Chapultepec Commitments

EarthX Mexico

Tia Kansara Ph.D.
2 min readNov 16, 2018


At a recent visit to Mexico, I attended the launch of EarthX Mexico. An extension from the original in Dallas, US. An appealing combination of Art, Science, Tech and Business. A Conference for the academics, Film Festival to present informative documentaries, stories about the Earth, an EXPO and a Hackathon.

Yarrow Kraner speaking at EarthX

The Mexicans I met were highly attuned to the issues of Climate Change. Ready to want to create solutions and commit to making them a reality. At the event, I spoke at length about technology and its place in affording us creative tools to tackle the issues of today.

Discussing Blockchain technology for global social good

The Mexican conference delegates were signing the Chapultepec Commitments to accelerate the environmental movement, by creating umbrella organisations to connect the main actors and promote their work through an exchange of good practice and innovation. Further, to measure their impact using certificates at schools (providing climate literacy), mandates via political means and corporate initiatives to adopt purpose with profit.


Regenerating watersheds was amongst the most innovative of the commitments. A project supported by the local government- Ecoducto - was a welcome visit!

A number of sites in the city to protect and harvest wetlands

The city imports 40% of its water. The Ecoducto braves water recycling in a manner that educates and entertains the public. A job well done. Not to mention the Carbon sink created from the vegetation, which within a year of growth is already strikingly beautiful (and smells great).



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