Week 1

This week was the start of my 13 week program at in Java Back-End Engineering program and time just flew by! Being in the immersive boot camp I spent almost ever waking moment study and learning how to become proficient using the terminal and GitHub and working on my researching different commands.

Then flow in Java(OOP) t during the second half of the week. Although I absently love coding it has been extremely challenging because of the years out of the IT industry. It’s a small price to pay for getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

I have stated up so many hours during college but because of the extended break. I need the chance to refine my skills and increase the speed of my exam and assignments. More importantly, it gave me a taste of what the IT industry will be like when I done and march beyond. I had the opportunity to make my own decisions, develop different mind sets and work with other one-on-one and on teams. The obstacles I found this week I skills incorrectly. I was learning in classes to to help others but mostly received help.

Although the thought of week 2 is approving extremely fast I am worrisome and stressful, a bit more wise in week 2. I have taken and almost passed almost all of the material that despite missing day five .By the time week two arrives I hope to be in the correct mind set to relax a little and to be open to new was ideas as I grow my knowledge and IT tool belt.

So week two in only a few hours I’ll be receiving information about creating more Java programs.

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